OAO Timer app for iPhone and iPad

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Sports Health & Fitness
Developer: Seja LLC
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Current version: 1.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 01 May 2013
App size: 3.31 Mb

So this is it. Truly, the One And Only timer youre going to need. Whether you need a simple stopwatch, an interval timer, or even a Tabata timer, youll find it all here in one place.

Your timers can be used for AMRAP workouts - for Interval training or just about any other workout that would require a timer. The included timers within OAO Timer are:

•Count Down timer: Start at a time and countdown to 0
•EMOM Timer: Every Minute On the Minute.
•Interval Timer: You set the rest to activity ratio
•Stop Watch: Start and let it go!
•Tabata Timer: The infamous interval timer of 2x the active to rest period.

OAO Timer also allows you to record your laps or round counts. Have a countdown of 20 minutes, keep track of the number of rounds or laps youre completed. Or, using the stopwatch, you can also record your completed laps or rounds.

OAO Timer provides it all. Regardless of your sport - or any other activity - if you need a timer youll find it here.